Enjoy The Ride

by Andy Samford



released October 30, 2013

Produced, Mixed, Engineered by Andy Samford.

All music and vocals by Andy Samford.

All songs by Andy Samford.

Recorded October 2013 at Furious Midget Studios, Decatur, GA.

(c) 2013 Big Green Buzzard Music
(c) 2013 Electric Minnow Music
(c) 2013 Andy Samford



all rights reserved


Andy Samford Atlanta, Georgia

Andy Samford has released nearly 40 solo albums of his unique brand of heavy psychedelic stoner fuzz guitar pop that he records mostly on his own in his home studio. .

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Track Name: World Of Magic
come join me inside a world of magic and colors and dreams
turn on your mind and let your body melt away at the seams

please do not worry now there is nothing left for you to fear
if you listen to yourself you'll hear the answers loud and clear
Track Name: Land
i know you're tired of walkin
you know i'm tired too
but when we reach the mountain
we're gonna walk on through

if you hear a whisper
buzzin round your ears
gotta keep on tryin
you know the words will be clear

if we climb the sky tonight there'll be no end
if i'm wrong well then i'll let you have my head
if we step into the black night will be land
or will I wake up in a dream alone again

I can feel a presence
slowly crossin our path
I stop and hear three voices
each one says to turn back

I feel my heart is racin
I'm headin for the line
there'll be no time to taste it
I'm blastin off one more time
Track Name: I Can't Forget
you can bring the darkness out of me
it's like you know just how to set me free
but i could never learn to let it be
and now there's nothing left of it to see

I tried to hide inside a memory
insane frustration taking hold of me
i knew i had to learn to let it be
or be forever lost trapped in a hopeless dream

you tore me up
and threw me down
got me in a daze
gave me the run around
finally found some peace
when you left this town
but i can't forget
cause i heard the sound

it took a long time but I finally let go
when I found my bliss down in Kokomo
and I found a place somewhere inside myself
to elevate out of the hell - oh well

and if I choose I can forget
this story is the last thing left
and it can change a hundred thousand times
no longer hung up on your lies - oh no
Track Name: Until Tomorrow
with my mind in the clouds
it seems to amplify the voice in my head
but that's okay
cause I don't believe a word that is said

I could dwell in the past
but there's not anything good that would bring
I can dream of the future
but I don't think I will know what I mean

well what about today
it's already gone
and what about tonight
it won't be here for long
I don't worry about tomorrow
until tomorrow is today
I know I've tried 'em all
but for me it's a better way

there's no tomorrow
no yesterday
there is no future
it's here today

there is no question
it's full of lies
I know that someday
you'll realize
Track Name: The Ballad Of Jose Chung
I think we're being beamed into outer space
but how the hell should I know
I don't think you belong to the human race
but how the hell should I know

this is not happening
this is not happening

all you saw was venus
or you're a dead man
there was no flying saucer
it's in your head man

I know what I saw
they were being attacked
I tried to stay out of sight
there was no turning back

and he said don't be afraid
you're still alive
your efforts are needed
for the world to survive

and he said come with me
go on and climb aboard
into inner space
beyond the molten core

you did not see this happen
or you're a dead man
there was no alien body
it's in your head man

this is not happening
Track Name: Enjoy The Ride
embrace insanity there's nothing left to lose
no more reality there's nothing left to prove
get lost in fantasy the magic of your mind
control infinity a power beyond time

look for the light
it's fading fast
a gate beyond dreams
none shall pass

the world has gone to sleep and i'm out here alone
i ask the faceless one for one last glimpse of home
we walk a thousand steps but i can't say what i've seen
there are no words that can explain just what I mean

look for the light
it's fading fast
a gate beyond dreams
none shall pass

alive inside a realm beyond all thoughts of man
rivers flowing liquid angels take my hand
guide my consciousness onto a higher plane
every thought vibrating ripples up the chain

now I climb onto the temple of all light
plugged direct into the cosmic source of life
shining frequencies of love and peace of mind
turn off the gravity now please enjoy the ride
Track Name: Prophecy Of Lies
waving your black magic wand
controlling minds with the fear
looks like there's something gone wrong
watching your hold slowly disappear

everyone surrenders control
slave to the brain in their head
losing all sense of their soul
look at them now already dead

working all day every day of our lives
only to fund a prophecy of lies
Track Name: Supposed To Be
don't lose your head in stories of magic
don't let your mind get lost in the haze
don't believe any words you are hearing
you'll find the light at the end of the maze

don't worry of what's coming after
don't be afraid of the fate of your soul
you can dive down deep in the darkness
but you can't control what you cannot control

I don't know
and you don't know
but that don't mean
we can't let go

and maybe then
we can see
all our dream's
supposed to be
Track Name: The Force
i look outside my window
the rain is falling down
and as far as I know
the spirits will surround

a presence i can sense
hearing without sound
invisible force of life
feel it all around

existing in this new world
i created in my mind
exploring the inner space
wonder what i'll find

a presence i can sense
hearing without sound
invisible force of life
feel it all around